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2014-08-29 18:52:04 by LagomyDrago

Wow. It's finally happened! Hello everybody! I feel like IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

To anyone who is new hearing my music for the first time, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. ...and hello.

My name is Jackson Tyler, I am a Sophomore at DMHS High School in Phoenix, AZ.


All of my songs I either write or hear and using tonal memory, I use the program Mixcraft 6 via a MIDI connection to my keyboard to play out what some people could hopefully call music. 

My pieces may seem unprofessional at times, they may seem out-of-sync with timing, but I assure you I do not make my tracks note-by-note FL studio style. This is all done by hand.

I apologize beforehand if my music is unprofessional. I do make them for fun, but it's a labor of love. I put effort into each and every one of my pieces, and I am really glad there are people out there willing to listen to them. You can see how my style and skill has evolved since July of 2013. 


Thank you, anyone reading this - and welcome to my page. 


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2014-08-30 09:33:02

Good for you :). Really like "Comment Ca Va", and I think you deserverd being scouted :D. Just keep up the good work ;).

LagomyDrago responds:

Thank you so much :')