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I make tunes! If you enjoy them, I'm glad. Welcome to my main page!

Jackson Tyler @LagomyDrago

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Arizona State University

Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Hey - Jackson here, and 2014 has been an awesome year of creation for me, it has been a blast.


2015 however, has been me staring at my profile and listening to my songs, and always finding one more mistake - but its too late for that now.


I moved to HARTFORD, CT. Well, actually - FARMINGTON, CT. 


The whitest town in America (93-94 percent range I believe). 


Not that THAT matters...but I thought I would put it out there.


There is a lot of snow...and a lot of work from high school


No, I'm not trying to whine, i'm just a lazy ass who doesnt have as much energy doing this as I used to. (Jesus, I'm SIXTEEN - give the world a break you fatass XD)

Butt...I DO hope that I can be able to make some more songs in the future, especially when summer break comes around. I still have all the hardware necessary, I just lack inspiration. When I started this account, I was literally seven years old; a merciless consumer. Read some of my reviews, they are ridiculous and outright stupid.


When I discovered this account was still existing I had made my first three songs and what better a medium to be able to release them for review than NG, my first internet home.


When I started making songs on a regular basis in the 2013-2014 era I was doing it to add a different sound to this site. I wasn't trying to "change the world" or anything - hell I didn't even expect to get scouted. But I just wanted to put songs of a weird, different feeling out on the table and not be scared to try new things. It seems everywhere you look on this site is a new type of electric audio epilepsy chipstep, and call me old-fashioned but that's not what our lord and saviour, Waterflame would have wanted!


I guess the point of this is to say that I am still alive, and will be making songs fairly rarely and most definitely unpredictably as the excitement of inspiration comes and goes, but come this summer I will make a dedicated attempt to pump out at least 4 or 5.




-Jackson T.

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