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2015, Updates, ect.

2015-02-25 20:49:28 by LagomyDrago

Hey - Jackson here, and 2014 has been an awesome year of creation for me, it has been a blast.


2015 however, has been me staring at my profile and listening to my songs, and always finding one more mistake - but its too late for that now.


I moved to HARTFORD, CT. Well, actually - FARMINGTON, CT. 


The whitest town in America (93-94 percent range I believe). 


Not that THAT matters...but I thought I would put it out there.


There is a lot of snow...and a lot of work from high school


No, I'm not trying to whine, i'm just a lazy ass who doesnt have as much energy doing this as I used to. (Jesus, I'm SIXTEEN - give the world a break you fatass XD)

Butt...I DO hope that I can be able to make some more songs in the future, especially when summer break comes around. I still have all the hardware necessary, I just lack inspiration. When I started this account, I was literally seven years old; a merciless consumer. Read some of my reviews, they are ridiculous and outright stupid.


When I discovered this account was still existing I had made my first three songs and what better a medium to be able to release them for review than NG, my first internet home.


When I started making songs on a regular basis in the 2013-2014 era I was doing it to add a different sound to this site. I wasn't trying to "change the world" or anything - hell I didn't even expect to get scouted. But I just wanted to put songs of a weird, different feeling out on the table and not be scared to try new things. It seems everywhere you look on this site is a new type of electric audio epilepsy chipstep, and call me old-fashioned but that's not what our lord and saviour, Waterflame would have wanted!


I guess the point of this is to say that I am still alive, and will be making songs fairly rarely and most definitely unpredictably as the excitement of inspiration comes and goes, but come this summer I will make a dedicated attempt to pump out at least 4 or 5.




-Jackson T.


2014-08-29 18:52:04 by LagomyDrago

Wow. It's finally happened! Hello everybody! I feel like IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

To anyone who is new hearing my music for the first time, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. ...and hello.

My name is Jackson Tyler, I am a Sophomore at DMHS High School in Phoenix, AZ.


All of my songs I either write or hear and using tonal memory, I use the program Mixcraft 6 via a MIDI connection to my keyboard to play out what some people could hopefully call music. 

My pieces may seem unprofessional at times, they may seem out-of-sync with timing, but I assure you I do not make my tracks note-by-note FL studio style. This is all done by hand.

I apologize beforehand if my music is unprofessional. I do make them for fun, but it's a labor of love. I put effort into each and every one of my pieces, and I am really glad there are people out there willing to listen to them. You can see how my style and skill has evolved since July of 2013. 


Thank you, anyone reading this - and welcome to my page. 

1 Year!

2014-08-27 20:52:41 by LagomyDrago

Well, I think I hit the 1 year mark by now - for sure! I'm back on track with a new computer, and by this weekend I will be starting work on a new song. Until then, I am doing a legacy improvement project, where I will be taking older songs and without actually touching the internals of the music - improve the atmosphere and quality by adjusting bass, reverb, and volume levels. I will be deleting the older versions of the songs, and I do wish to ask for your patience. I will try my best, and I will not replace any of my songs unless I think it is an extreme improvement. Thank you. 

Computer Crash

2014-08-02 21:09:00 by LagomyDrago

Haaayy, just wanted anyone who looks at these/listens to my music that my computer has been dead for the past..4 weeks or I have NOT been working on anything in that time. Good news is, it's fixed by Wednesday the 6th at the latest. That doesn't necessarily mean I will immediately pick something up, but don't expect anything from me in the near future - but I promise more pieces will be on their way soon.

Future Work

2014-06-05 22:44:22 by LagomyDrago

More songs coming soon. I play all these by hand  - on my keyboard, no goofing around editing each note FL studio style, so it does take a little bit. I can't believe I have been posting songs for almost a year now, it seems like just a day ago. :3